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LanYu Digital's first digital printing digital printer "Bluejet-S1000" debut on the World Expo Exhibition


LanYu Digital display the first digital printing printer "Bluejet-S1000" to participate in the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition, where held the 2013 China International Textile Printing Exhibition / FESPA Digital Printing Exhibition of China. This machine attract many local and overseas visitors.

      "Bluejet-S1000" is the first self-developed digital printing printer of LanYu and it is the first thermal transfer technology machine which is promoted by Lanyu because of the introduction of widespread acceptance of the tecnology in the current market. "Bluejet - S1000" has a professional developed software and configure the profesional high-speed dispersion ink by Lanyu Digital. Also we provide customers with different brands of transfer paper. LanYu truly have the complete printing solution from paper, software, ink, machines and after-sale technical support services. Once unveiled this machine, it attract many audience for its high-quality printing, high cost and led to a strong reaction of the audience, the booth is fulll of crowds constantly.


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