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LanYu Digital participate in the "One Thousand People Plan" entrepreneurial achievement exhibition


International Talent Exchange and Cooperation Conference is hold on the 11th morning in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. 2000 Talents is an important indicator of the city's comprehensive strength. This time, the talent exchanges and cooperation have become the province's assembly demonstrated entrepreneurial environment for innovation, and and the important platform to introduce overseas high-level talents. During the conference, overseas talents venture negotiations, venture capital firms and private capital investment negotiations, technical cooperation and exchange projects, " One Thousand People Plan " entrepreneurial achievement exhibition promotion and other themed events are set up at the main venue.

There are 30 companies participate in the " One Thousand People Plan " entrepreneurial achievements exhibition, LanYu Digital is also invited. In the booth area of archievement show, LanYu’s personalized digital printing bag, nice and comfortable pillow and colorful scarves became a beautiful landscape, attract numerous participants to stop and ask. Meanwhile, some investors also had a strong interest in us. The exhibition has played a positive role in the company's marketing campaign.


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