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A journery to Xiamen of Lanyu Digital


To ease the pressure of employees, and keep them in a good mood, the Ministry of company organize a trip of “Xiamen Three Days’ Tour of LanYu" on 22th.

Xiamen is an important port city along the southeast coast, and also is a famous international tourist city. All Employees tour the oversea chinese leader Tan Kah Kee's residence, "Sea Garden" Gulangyu, XiaMen University, as well as the beautiful "Millennium Temple" South Putuo Temple and other attractions. Exquisite unique cultural landscape, elegant and romantic music scene, long history and culture, let us linger.

        Three days’ journey, all colleagues get together, enjoy playing, laughter, deepen mutual understanding, and enhance our friendship. Witnessed a sence of beautiful landscape, it also adds a beautiful scenes of precious memories in the heart of every employee


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